The hunter must hunt
For as soon as he stops
He becomes the hunted

The hunter must hunt For as soon as he stops He becomes the hunted

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Installation is based on an unsolved criminal investigation which remains open pending the discovery of new evidence.
-Typically, cold cases are violent or other major felony crimes, such as murder or rape which—unlike unsolved minor crimes—are generally not subject to a statute of limitations.
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canvas / mixed media

canvas / mixed media

video / installation still 

-“Can I trust a human? Can I trust his soul?
They all link together
In their selfish hole

Love and worship and power and success

And love is prevented and destroyed and possessed

Love and worship and power and success

And love is perverted and destroyed and possess-''...



Malwina Migacz, 1985 

2008 - 2014 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 
The Shool of Sculpture Charlottenborg,  prof. Martin Erik Andersen

2012 - 2013 Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland

The Shool of Intermedia, Audio Art,   prof. Marek Choloniewski, prof. Artur Tajber

Lives and works in Copenhagen 
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Solo exhibition 




opening 16/03/2018
17:00 - 21:00

Opening days 21/3 - 7/4

at : kræ-syndikatet
Halmtorvet 11 B
kbh V


Airs Above The Ground


                                          Opening: 15 Aug.   17-20

Solo exhibition 

15.09 - 30.09. 2017

OK Corral
Rolighedsvej 9
DK – 1958 Frederiksberg

Fernisering fredag 15. september kl. 17-21
Udstillingsperiode 16. september – 30. september 2017
Åbningstider: Onsdag – lørdag kl. 13-17

''Der findes rigdomme, der kommer ind i vores liv som gaver.
Vi forefinder dem en skønne dag som billeder,
der folder sig ud af det usanselige, og snart er de fortrolige, er vores ejendomme.

I det talrige blandingsforhold af kombinationer, som udspilles i mangfoldige variationer, giver sig frihed til at mærke længsel for at derefter skabe et motiv på ny.

Dette syn fremkalder en livfuld og næsten smertelig glæde, idet hjertet ved den glødende berøring placerer sig imellem det skrøbelige delikate og det tunge kraftfulde mørke, bliver mindet om sit slægtskab med verden.'' 


Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday 1-5 pm

"There are wealth that comes into our lives as gifts
We imagine them one day as images
that unfold from the imperceptible and soon they become confidential, become our properties.

In numerous blend of combinations that plays in multiple variations, gives the freedom to feel longing to then create a motive all over.

This vision provokes a lively and almost painful joy as the heart by the glowing touch places itself between the fragile delicate and the heavy powerful darkness, is reminded of its relationship to the world."




Final Exhibitoin - Group Show 

The Final Exhibition is a self-organised effort by the alumni and current students of Malmö Art Academy, Funen Art Academy, The Royal Danish Art Academy, and Jutland Art Academy. The title nods to the commodification of scarcity, crisis, and ‘alternative’ efforts within the arts.

The exhibition will be from August 25-September 3, corresponding with Copenhagen Art Week.

Pakhuset at Langelinie, Copenhagen

Horses are the survivors after the hero


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- ''Flygtig Status''
Is a new solo project based on poetry, nonsense, and the conspiracy against the human race -

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