as i have not trusted
i have not hoped
in the bleak alleyways
and the secondhand streets
where misery waits
and the turn of your hand

 found '' Chewing On Shadows'' 2016

found '' Chewing On Shadows'' 2016


And dawn


10.dec.2016ENDINGS. is a one day performance art festival that celebrates and explores different aspects of the phenomenon - ENDINGS. and the beginnings that follow.



The artistic universes of Malwina Migacz is balancing between topics of control, possession, beauty and instinct often expressed through sculpture, illustrations, video and sound. Joakim Wölm (Wölminator) performs chaotic, yet strangely musical harsh noise with feedback loops, guitars, vocals etc. Together they will perform a sound piece as a part of the video installation “PLEASURE DRIVING”. A performance which will take its starting point in free improvisation, dynamics and expressivity. The video, made by Migacz, is based on a recording of a prestigious horse show. The show collapses since the human being seeks to create artificial structures and situations to catch and rein a wild nature, which ends up with anxious and chaotic wild horses. Migacz and Wölm will, with the intensity and heaviness of the notes, emphazise the images’ force and thereby create a constantly change in a continuous hope of freedom in the middle of the hopelessness.



- ''Flygtig Status''
Is a new solo project based on poetry, nonsense, and the conspiracy against the human race -


live with 

 20 - 05 - 2016  /  22 : 00

Oehlenschlægersgade 1 KBH V


Fx Z Sound Ods Performance Php Kult Zcq Indx Loud NoiES and More + Mre

Live  at   M A Y H E M

16 - 04 - 2016  /  20 : 00

Ragnhildgade 1 - 2100 kbh


       GOLDEN TOURS       

 Group exhibition

17.00 - open

19.30 - performance 

28 - JANUAR / 17:00 - 21:00  ÅBOULEVARDEN 10, KBH



6 - DECEMBER  / 16:00

BLAA GALLERI  Blågårdsgade 29 




December - 5. / 00:00  




november -14. / 21:00
multiversal & RPT 

The Exhibition by:

W U L K A N 

Live act/ Paintings/ video/ Sound installation 

W U L K A N - POLITE EMBLEMS  /Obscure Alternatives

With the exhibition POLITE EMBLEMS  /Obscure Alternatives W U L K A N presents a series of new works. This time the artist group has turned its attention to the flat surface and will primarily show works that have a relation to the walls of the project space PVC. The group explores narrative approaches to experimental sound, video, and painting. 

Opening the 12th of November

Doors open 17.00
Live performance 19.00





''T O   B E    C O N T I N U E D''

 Oktober 03.10 -2015

To Be Continued er et udstillingsprojekt der undersøger den mening en kunstner kan tilføje et sted i skoven, og hvordan der transformativt kan arbejdes med denne mening over tid.  
Til åbningen præsenteres også en række nye bidrag til Skovsnogens ”Skulpturkirkegård”
Der vil være mulighed for en tur i skoven, hvor publikum bliver mødt af performance, events og en lang række installationer og skulpturer.

Ungoing performance ved Malwina Agata Migacz,  Past or the Present



internet art / video screening
                                                                     I: project space 
August 28.08 - 31.08 - 2015

Beijing, China




Field recordings and reverb, guitar and distortion.

Kristikirken på Enghave plads Torsdag den 17. Sep. Kl 20 til 22. 

September 17.09 - 2015



at  KIKshh  

September 19.09 - 27.09 - 2015


It was glowing, it 
was sincere, but it was blind. It could not be tarnished, but it could be broken


W U L K A N   

The First Key / live recording / 2015

 And The Hill Slept / live recording / 2015

Indulgence Instead Of Abstinence / live recording / 2015


    We slip as stones
    Across this sea
    To dreams we've lived
    And dreams we'll see


                                                              W U L K A N 

                                                              at gallery

Through The Broken Black

On the occasion of Peter Birkholm's tape release, the sound art group WULKAN will have the pleasure of performing.
WULKAN is a trio consisting of the artists Malwina Migacz, Jonas Jensen, and Peter Birkholm.
The group challenges the art space through an integration of both sound, performance, and visual praxis.
WULKAN will present an electronical work of free improvisation.


    Peter Birkholm, Through The Broken Black (installation view), Years, 2015. 
    Foto: Steffen Jørgensen

   Peter Birkholm, Through The Broken Black (installation view), Years, 2015. 
    Foto: Steffen Jørgensen

   Peter Birkholm ,Through The Broken Black (installation view), Years, 2015. 
    Foto: Steffen Jørgensen

    Jonas Jensen, Malwina Migacz, Peter Birkholm, Through The Broken Black, Years, 2015. 
     Foto: Steffen Jørgensen


Running Residency

                                                    3rd of February/ 7-10 pm/ 89 Ridley Road Dalston/ London


In shadows we circleand in shadows we blendTranscience and its resonance

    installation view

                                                 installation view


    video still

    video still

    video still

    video still

    video still

    video still